Buying a Home

A home purchase is often the largest investment you can make. Today, with seller disclosures, financing options and new laws and regulations, home buying is more complicated than ever. At Harbor Bay Realty we strive to minimize the 

complexity and make the journey of finding your dream home simple and exciting. As a listings leader, we have immediate access to more homes than many of our competitors. We also understand the market and carefully track home values to make sure you find the right property at the right price.


We especially pride ourselves on how we work with buyers seeking all types of property, including luxury homes, both locally and elsewhere. Our reputation for listing and selling fine properties has earned us membership in "Who's Who in Luxury Real Estate," a nationwide network of companies who specialize in unique homes.


At Harbor Bay Realty you’re guaranteed a high level of professionalism. We manage every detail during the sale so that each step is handled properly. When it comes time to buy your home, come to the leader in listings, professionalism and above all, service. . . Harbor Bay Realty.

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