Central Alameda

Central Alameda offers an impressive variety of housing styles, including Queen Anne Cottages, Colonial Revivals, Craftsman Bungalows and Victorians. It also boasts some of Alameda’s oldest homes, which are located next to the Northern Waterfront where the shipping industry once thrived. The remainder of this large district is a patchwork of smaller, charming neighborhoods ranging from older homes and flats, to apartment buildings and contemporary condominiums. Central Alameda is also home to many civic buildings, including City Hall, the state-of-the-art Alameda Main Library, Alameda High School and the historic Kofman Auditorium, which hosts many community events including performances by the Alameda Civic Light Opera. Park Street, Alameda’s popular retail, dining and entertainment destination also lies in Central Alameda  where delightful turn-of-the-century store fronts, dozens of lovely retail shops, cafes and restaurants.  A welcome addition to Park Street is the recently restored historic Alameda Theater, which mimics its original 1932 condition, and modern seven screen Cineplex.

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